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Hiking Bucegi Mountains

Hiking Bucegi Mountains – The most beautiful autumn mountain trails in Bucegi, which can be hiked even with children

Hiking Bucegi Mountains – The Bucegi Mountains are probably the most famous mountains in Romania, among other things, an important role in creating this reputation is played by the real „national symbols” they host – the Sphinx, the Babele, the Caraiman Cross. From a tourist point of view, the massif is characterized by a large number of huts and a vast network of marked trails, from the easiest to the most difficult, which require a very good physical training and a minimum experience in free climbing.

1. West side of the Bucegi Mountains

Hiking Bucegi MountainsYou can start your Hiking Bucegi Mountains adventure with Omu Peak. It is 2514 meters high and is the highest peak in the Bucegi Mountains and the sixth highest in the country. Omu Peak is home to the Omu Hut and the Omu Peak Weather Station. Cabana Omu is only open on weekends in summer, but it doesn’t hurt to admire the autumn scenery from that height.

Route: Bușteni – Jepii Mari – Cabana Piatra Arsă – Cabana Babele – Vârful Omu.

A special route for the hiking lover will delight your eyes and soul, if you start from Hotel Peștera towards Babele. Then, for two hours, you walk along the paths on the mountain ridges to the hut on Omu Peak, located at 2,507 metres altitude. The route is not difficult and can be done by older children and adults. The route is of medium difficulty and takes about 2 and a half hours to complete.

2. Babele – Heroes’ Cross

Another option is the route from Babele to the Heroes’ Cross. You can reach Babele by cable car from Busteni or from Pestera – Dâmbovița Mountain Rescue Headquarters. The marker we will follow is the Red Cross. The route takes about an hour and a half, during which time you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. If it is clear you will be able to see the Făgărașii in the distance.

3. Padina Hut – Șaua Strunga

This is also an easy but slightly longer route. It takes about two hours. Access to Cabana Padina is either by taking the cable car from Bușteni to Babele and then from Babele to Hotel Peștera, or by car, on the route Sinaia – Șaua Dichiu – Lake Bolboci – Cabana Padina.

Padina Cottage, located at an altitude of 1525 meters, can be for many of you, the ideal starting point for short excursions of two to three hours in the surroundings, the Tatar Gorge, Orzei Gorge, Ialomiței Cave, Horoabelor Canyon or Bolboci Lake being some of the scenic areas worth seeing. From the hut you can also reach the high tourist sights of the Bucegi massif, such as the Caraiman Cross, the Sphinx, Babele and Omu Peak. If you like Hiking Bucegi Mountains, Don’t forget to leave equipped for winter, because the weather on the mountain can change radically within a few hours.

Hiking Bucegi Mountains can be fun with a professional mountain guide

If you would like to have the company of a professional, English-speaking guide, we are waiting for you. Our Hiking Bucegi Mountains tours are suitable for all ages and levels of experience. You tell us what you want and we choose a suitable route for you.

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